About us

AWARD is committed to organize grass root poor people’s organization in connection with to empower people and communities.

Background of AWARD

A group of social workers under the leadership of Mr. Kazi Md. Abul Kalam Azad (a long experience & professional development activist) has been started AWARD for development initiatives in Sylhet in the year 1997. Because still the region belongs to relatively under served, local development initiatives are not enough and potential, Government services are available in the urban/ Sammy urban or well communicated areas but not in remotes. The fundamentalist are playing a dominant role in the society where high population growth, high mortality and morbidity of pregnant mother & infant, high dropout in the primary education, poor reproductive health facilities,

Women are deprived from their rights; public resources are under the control of the rich peoples, but the region Sylhet is well known for its public resources like kash land and natural fisheries (haor/baor) tea garden, gas & oil etc.

Objective of the organization:

To promote the socio-economic status of under privileged rural peoples, Human resource Development, Education, Health & Nutrition, Environment, Social justice, networking development. The specific objectives of the organization are as follows:

– Grass root organization development.

– Public resources mobilization.

– Awareness and skill development of rural peoples.

– Create employment opportunities.

– Intensive work with mothers & children for their rights and socio-economic development.

– Removal and antiquation of adult illiteracy.

– Develop awareness on safe water & sanitation.

– Promote awareness on environmental issues.

– Promote reproductive health services.

– Empowerment of women and.-Cultural development.

Visions & Mission of Award:


AWARD as an organization uphold a leading position, which can contribute in the process of development to establishment an exploitation free society, where justice, dignity and prosperity prevailed.


AWARD is committed to organize grass root poor people’s organization in connection with to empower people and communities. Our interventions aim to achieve positive changes through economic, social, and right base activities that enable to establishment an exploitation free society.

To create a poverty free society.


Legal Status of Award: 

Department Registration Number’sDate
Social ServiceNo: SYL- 530/98,06-05-1998
NGO Affairs BureauNo:159029-11-2000
Microcredit Regulatory AuthorityLicense no : 0075415-12-2014
Organization TIN No.85901686357625-01-2018
Organization Vat No.00100007129-01-2018